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This is a website devoted to the new Amazon bestseller book The End Of Insurance As We Know It which was published in February 2019.  The author is Rob Galbraith, the book editors are MC Razaire and Carly Burnham, and the publishers are the wonderful people at Insurance Nerds.

The book is available exclusively on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle version and has sold hundreds of copies to readers in over 10 countries since its release.

You can find much more information about the book on this website including how to buy the book, reader reviews, interviews with the author, upcoming book events and blog posts on all sorts of happenings related to The End Of Insurance As We Know It.  Visit the menu at the top of the this page to navigate the site.  Take your time and enjoy!

 In a rush?  Bookmark the site and come back when you have more time to explore. 

Video overview of the book featuring author Rob Galbraith:

Insurance Thought Leadership – Rob Galbraith on The End Of Insurance As We Know It
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