Here are recent articles by The End Of Insurance As We Know It author Rob Galbraith on insurance, the role of innovation and how insurtech startups can enable a transformation of the entire industry over the next decade.

Insurance as a discipline, not a side show

This article is my first piece for InsurTech Rising 365 and argues that Innovation should be viewed as an equal discipline within insurance carriers – no different than Claims, Underwriting, HR, Finance or IT.  Too often, it is not treated as such – to the detriment of making meaningful improvements in customer experiences.

Innovating ‘where no man has gone before’

This article was co-authored with thought leader Karen Geva for Insurance Nerds and argues that too much focus on innovation within insurance carriers is placed on growing revenue and reducing losses, instead of truly improving customer experiences and making valuable, but “unsexy”, improvements in the efficiency of back office processes which both help to reduce expenses and provide better service to customers.


Check out this author profile in the March/April 2019 ITA Pro Magazine which provides a recap of Rob’s career, explains why “insurers are from Venus, insurtechs are from Mars” and summarizes key messages from The End Of Insurance As We Know It.

Profile of Rob Galbraith: The Most Interesting Man In Insurance

I have always enjoyed the posts of Scott McDonald from Modern Accelerator and was honored to be quoted in this piece focused on the current state of voice technology in the insurance industry and what is potentially in store for the future.

Changing the Channel: Voice Computing and the Future of Insurance

Here is a tremendous opinion piece in the Business Insurance Diversity + Inclusion Institute written by Carey Anne Nadeau, founder and CEO of Open Data Network that I was happy to be featured in:

Opinion: Insurance Has A Free Speech Problem

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