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The book has been named to BookAuthority’s Best Insurance Books of All Time.
BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition.

Steve McOrmond from Chisel AI recently listed The End Of Insurance As We Know It as #1 of 3 back to school “must reads” for insurance professionals. See Steve’s comprehensive review of the book below.

Back to School: 3 Must-Read Books for Insurance Professionals

One of the most comprehensive reviews was published by Scott McDonald, the co-founder of Modern Accelerator (an abbreviated version is posted on Amazon).

Is This the End, or a New Beginning?

You can find a host of reader reviews for the book on Amazon. Here are some additional reader comments on The End Of Insurance As We Know It:

Just finished reading Rob Galbraith’s new book The End of Insurance As We Know It. It was a great read!  Not only is it a good general primer on the P/C insurance industry, but also provides some well thought out commentary on the upcoming challenges facing the centuries old industry, including: insurtech, blockchain, the increasing role of venture capitalists, and consumer expectations for speed and ease of use – particularly with regard to Personal Lines.  To my delight, it also touches on several emerging issues like autonomous vehicles, ride-sharing and the gig-economy. I highly recommend this for anyone currently in, or considering joining, the P/C insurance industry. 

Charlie Kingdollar, VP and Emerging Issues Officer at Gen Re (retired)



A great book by Rob Galbraith called The End Of Insurance As We Know It.  The first half of the book gives a great summary of the insurance industry and how/why it works.  The second half is all about the new wave of InsurTech that is coming our way.  Highly recommended reading to anyone planning on surviving the imminent changes.

Gary Kaplan, President of Construction at AXA XL


Even people who are in insurance love The End Of Insurance As We Know It.  They finally realize they are not crazy, it is the industry itself that is.  It really helped my team articulate our offering using “insurspeak” which, although spelled with the same alphabet, is definitely not English!

Louis Ziskin, Founder and CEO of DropIn Inc.


The End Of Insurance As We Know It is an all-encompassing book and a delight to read.  It communicates very well and accurately the current state of affairs in the industry.  It also discusses immaculately the factors that will affect the industry in the years to come.  

If you are in insurance, take a break this weekend.  Then read the book.  Then take a day off and think about how you think this will affect your life.  Then make it happen.

Mo Nariani, CEO at BuildRisq


Coming from the insurance industry, I have personally not seen that many books that talks in detail on how the industry is getting transformed.  The End Of Insurance As We Know It does a fantastic job in capturing the current and state of the insurance industry.  Highly recommended read!

Yogesh Shetty, CEO at Avibra


If you are curious about the future of the insurance industry, or at least about what could be happening (since no one know the future), this is an excellent read.  The End Of Insurance As We Know It goes deep on everything you want to know about what’s coming.  Great information and well organized.

Josh Berg, Co-Owner at Blue Lion Insurance Partners (BLIP)


The End of Insurance As We Know It is a brilliant and thought-provoking read. I only wish I had been able this 12 months ago!  As a founder and engineer entering the complex market that is insurance, this was the insurance 101 that I needed.  It was a very well thought-through piece which examined the current trends and future challenges facing the insurance industry we know today and how insurtechs are placed to fill the gaps that are rapidly appearing.

Juliette Murphy, Co-Founder and CEO of FloodMapp


The End Of Insurance As We Know It is one of the best insurtech books on the market today. As the founder of a new insturech co. and an ex-academic I found this book to be very well written and very useful.  Rob breaks down the problems and opportunities in the insurance industry better than anyone I have seen before.  It is not an easy task to take a complex industry and simplify it for others but Rob has done that exceptionally well.  Simplifying something to make it understandable comes from clarity of thought and mastery of the subject.  Rob demonstrates both those in spades.  It should be a required reading for any insurtech/fintech founder and could be very useful in academic classes as well that focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ashish Soni, Founder and CEO of helloOtto


Rob Galbraith’s book, The End Of Insurance As We Know It, draws on his expertise as a leader and a thought leader in the insurance industry.  Dubbed “The Most Interesting Man in Insurance,” Rob doesn’t disappoint.  He writes with the authentic passion of a man who loves his work and the promise of this industry.  He makes technical subjects accessible, relevant, and imperative.  Leaders need to plan for what’s coming.  If you are a leader at any level in the insurance industry, this book will show you the way forward.

Amy C. Waninger, Founder and CEO of Lead At Any Level


I highly recommend The End Of Insurance As We Know It to all insurtech founders.

Anil Celik, Co-Founder and CEO at UrbanStat


The End Of Insurance As We Know It is a must read if you are in insurance or want to be.  Just bought copies for the whole team.

                                                        Wesley Todd, CEO of CaseGlide


As a long-time industry professional and lecturer, my main interest was looking at Rob’s views on the key industry disruptions and where he saw these taking the industry.  I am pleased to say The End Of Insurance As We Know It delivered this and a lot more, especially for those that may be new to the insurance industry or who are not currently involved but are considering the opportunities for investment or entry into the industry.

The book has an accessible, sometimes almost conversational style and broke down some of the more technical insurance concepts into something more understandable.  This make it a straightforward read and provided a fundamental understanding for the discussions on how the insurance ecosystem is changing and the potential future direction of the industry.  

Rob does not provide a solution for the industries direction, something that is not possible in the fast-changing environment. However, he makes compelling arguments for the choices of collaborating or competing.  As Rob would put it, this could be best seen as a possible roadmap for insurers, individuals, or other organisations in the ecosystem to head.

Dr. Graham Spriggs, insurance industry consultant, trainer and writer 


Having followed the insurance industry closely for more than two decades, I find myself occasionally dismayed of late regarding the level of hype and breathless exhortations regarding insurtech and innovation. It sometimes feels like the concept of the industry innovating was a new idea first proposed two years ago when in fact insurance (itself an innovation) has continually evolved itself while also meeting the needs of an innovation-driven world. 

Kudos, therefore, are owed to Rob Galbraith for pulling together a great deal of information along with his own insights and putting it all together in a BOOK.  The End Of Insurance As We Know It is a comprehensive and thoughtful guide through the many twists and turns that affect the world of insurtech as it stands today. Insurance is a complex business with legacy issues and idiosyncracies that defy attempts to lump it in with other industries to make assumptions or predictions about things to come.  A work like this could only be as useful as this one is if compiled by an industry veteran able to convey an understanding of where the insurance industry has been in order to discuss where it may be going.

Paul Tetrault, Executive Director, The Insurance Library


I come from a technical background and was searching for a book to understand insurance industry and its relations to technology innovations.  The End Of Insurance As We Know It is exactly what I’m looking for.  The author does great job of describing the pain points of insurance industry, why Silicon Valley hasn’t disrupted it yet, and where the challenges are.  The author presents very practical view yet he is also optimistic and excited about the future.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in leveraging technology to change the insurance industry, either incremental improvement or total disruption.

Vincent Zhou, Senior Director of Engineering at Calix


The End Of Insurance As We Know It is fantastic!  It is a very easy read given the nature of the content.  While not everyone is an insurance nerd, it’s written in such a way that anyone can understand.

Anthony Bower, Marketing Manager at Rimkus Consulting Group

The End Of Insurance As We Know It is recommended reading for insurance industry executives wondering what’s next.

Lucep, a startup firm in Singapore

The End of Insurance As We Know It is a charming and witty crash course into one of the worlds largest and complex industries.  Filled with the right balance of experienced perspectives on why things are the way they are, with a vision to the future of how things could be, and what it will take to get there.  Rob’s experience and passion drip off every turned page.

Ryan Prosser, Co-Founder and CTO of FloodMapp

And for a truly unique (and hilarious) review, check out this video from Amber Wuollet:

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