This page contains audio podcasts related to the book The End Of Insurance As We Know It.

This comprehensive interview with the team at FNO: Insuretech Podcast was expansive and wide-ranging. It covers some of author Rob Galbraith’s career highlights as well as going into a deep dive on why this is The End Of Insurance As We Know It. The intro music alone is worth the listen!

Ep 33 – Rob Galbraith, Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker & Author

This conversation with Asia Insurtech Podcast founder Theresa Blissing and host Michael Waitze could have gone on for hours! Theresa and author Rob Galbraith discuss the future of insurance looking at East and West perspectives and the similarities and differences in how insurtech is changing the industry by country and region.

Asia Insurtech Podcast – Episode 16

Author Rob Galbraith had the opportunity to sit down with industry thought leader Denise Garth of Majesco to record a 2-part series about The End Of Insurance As We Know It and compare notes on what they have seen to date from the insurtech movement and where they believe the future of insurance is headed. Listen to hear two recognized Top 50 thought leaders provide their keen insights on what’s next.

The Future Of Insurance with Denise Garth – Part 1
The Future Of Insurance with Denise Garth – Part 2

This podcast with Sarah Stogner of the Oil and Gas Legal Risk Podcast is a lively discussion on how The End Of Insurance As We Know It applies to the large and highly specialized risks in the oil & gas industry and what the future might hold over the next decade. This relaxed conversation makes for a fun and informative listen.

Will Millennials Ruin Insurance? An interview with Rob Galbraith on Oil and Gas Legal Risk – OGLR018

This podcast with author Rob Galbraith and the Insurance Dudes (Craig Pretzinger and Jason Feltman) was definitely irreverant and wide ranging covering Rob’s background in insurance and what makes Rob “the most interesting man in insurance”. It also provides a good summary of The End Of Insurance As We Know It. Check it out!

Tornado Chasing With “The Most Interesting Man in Insurance” – Rob Galbraith

Author Rob Galbraith was featured on the Money Matters podcast with Adam Torres. This podcast is around 15 minutes in length and provides advice to young professionals who are entering the insurance industry as well as a quick overview of The End Of Insurance As We Know It for those on the go.

Money Matters Podcast with Adam Torres

Listen to author Rob Galbraith’s Facebook Live interview with Josh Berg of Blue Lion Insurance Partners (BLIP) to hear how independent agents will compete in the future.

Episode 017 – BLIP Podcast – The End of Insurance As We Know It with Rob Galbraith

For an international perspective, this interview with author Rob Galbraith and host Scott Norton of The Insurance Podcast based in Australia is a terrific listen. Rob and Scott compare notes on the insurance marketplace in both countries and the latest developments in insurtech startups as well as the desire for cross-pollination between the two countries and broader impacts globally.

One of the breeziest conversations author Rob Galbraith had was with the dynamic duo of Arleen and Ted Tavares of Spot On Insurance. Arleen and Ted explore Rob’s career to date and all 3 compare notes from their world travels on what exciting new developments are occurring around the world to shape the future of insurance.

Author Rob Galbraith was featured as part of a comprehensive interview with Lucep, a tech firm based in Singapore who released their Top 25 top insurance and insurtech influencers earlier this year. The questions they explore are far ranging and of broad interest, especially to carriers and startups based internationally.

Interview with Rob Galbraith – The End Of Insurance As We Know It

Innovator’s Edge podcast with Paul Winston of Insurance Thought Leadership is one of the most foremost resources for insurance executives and leaders. Author Rob Galbraith goes into detail on his career and background on the writing process, as well as exploring how today’s C-suite need to prepare themselves for a rapidly changing future.

Rob Galbraith, Author & Innovator

IA Path podcast with Christopher Stanley is a tremendous resource for the independent adjuster community. Author Rob Galbraith discusses The End Of Insurance As We Know It, what lies ahead for the IA community and how those in the field should prepare themselves to work alongside emerging technologies to stay relevant and be successful.

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