This page contains videos related to the book The End Of Insurance As We Know It.

At the Magic Of Innovation workshop in Vienna, author Rob Galbraith was featured in an interview with the “TechCrunch of Austria”, Der Brutkasten. Rob talks about the book and what he sees on the horizon for insurtech and the future of insurance in Europe.

MUST SEE! This seminal keynote at the Beyond Insurance 2019 event at the Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley provides an outstanding overview of the book. Author Rob Galbraith also shares thoughts on where the biggest disruption opportunities are for both insurtech startups and traditional incumbents in the insurance industry.

MUST SEE! The viral video Rob uses in his keynotes is The In$urtech Rap by Curtis Goldsborough. Check out this “informational video” – a hilarious take on insurtech!

Fresh off the latest book event in Minneapolis, the incredible YouTube star Amber Wuollet of The Insurance Nerdery make this terrific recap video which also includes throwing some Minnesota shade at the host of the Los Angeles book event!

This video from legendary social media superstar and filmmaker John Bachmann was shot at the Boston book launch party. If you’re never seen any of John’s work on The Insurance Nerdery and other videos, you are missing out!

Author Rob Galbraith sat down with Jay Rooke on the Know Pain Know Gain podcast series that focuses on entrepreneurship. They discuss how writing a book made me an “accidental entrepreneur” and Rob shares behind-the-scenes lessons as a small business “owner” as a newly published author. If you have ever thought about writing your own book and/or starting your own business, this video is for you!

Check out this Claims Roundtable video from Adjuster TV featuring all-star panelists debating whether we are experiencing The End Of Insurance As We Know It and the implications for the independent adjusters and the claims community at large.

This episode of The Attachment Point with Brett Fulmer and Nick Lamparelli was recorded around the time of the book’s release. You can learn about the initial launch of the book and some background on the writing process and what it takes to publish a book:

The original video from Profiles in Risk with Nick Lamparelli and Carly Burnham was recorded when pre-orders for the book were opened. Check out this classic video which shows the original cover art for the book:

Other stuff

Sometimes Rob gets to talk about his other passion: insurance and its role in promoting resilience in the face of severe weather and a changing climate. Rob is a frequent media contributor on many topics including hurricanes, wildfires, hailstorms, and much more.

Here is a recent interview with the Carolina Weather Group on recent natural disasters, experiences chasing tornado-producing storms for science, and the need for proper insurance coverage to help get families back on their feet quickly following severe weather events.

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