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The new bestselling book The End Of Insurance As We Know It is available exclusively on Amazon. The book is eligible for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping in the US and is available for delivery in most countries. The digital version is available for instantaneous download on Amazon Kindle.

Paperback version

Kindle version

Can’t decide? Order the paperback version and get the Kindle version for only $2.99 more through Amazon’s MatchBook program. Learn more here.

Not sure yet? Check out the Reviews page on this site and reader reviews on Amazon.

Looking for an audiobook version? The book is not available yet for download but due to popular demand, an audiobook version is being developed for release later this year.

Want a signed copy? Visit the Events page on this site to see if a book signing is coming to your area in the near future. You can also request a signed copy from the author by requesting one using the form at the bottom of the About The Author page.

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